The PRODROBOT - automated gait trainer, is an active medical device designed for the rehabilitation of the lower limbs of patients with gait dysfunctions.

The device stimulates a walking pattern for the lower limbs in determining the parameters of gait. This allows for precise execution cycles of a gait pattern as close to those of anatomical possibilities. Prodrobot is the world’s only robotic device to enable training of each leg, individually, at the same time. Prodrobot won a Gold Medal from "Rehabilitation Fair Lodz" in 2015.



Prodrobot allows you to perform several exercises with adjustable intensity, according to the needs of the patient. These are:

  • Gait – execution of an anatomical gait pattern
  • Swings – execution of gait without bending the knees
  • Squats – both legs move at the same time with the knee flexion
  • Bicycle – simulation of a pedaling movement as on the bicycle

The gait pattern is derived from a study that was carried out on 3000 people and a mathematical model. A research conducted at the Cracow University, Faculty of Physical Education, proved the pattern to be very accurate. The device imitates a correct gait pattern and therefore prevents the manifestation of pathological movement patterns in neurological and orthopedic diseases.
Other features

  • Precise micro-regulations – (7 regulations for each leg) allowing a precise fit.
  • Safety - control of spasticity in 6 joints and emergency situations.
  • Easy to Use - All fasteners of the patient are easy to use.
  • Prodrobot is equipped with a seat aid that simplifies patient placing and fastening, it moves the patient in vertical positions (up/down) and all exercises are conducted in the vertical position.
  • Crane prostheses are of variable length and are equipped with adjustable leg brackets which allow a wide range of adjustments within the patient’s dimensions.
  •  Adjustable back rest height and spacing hips.
  • Very simple and intuitive control panel.
  • Maximum walking speed is approximately 2km/h.
  • Small in size thus allowing easy mobility of the device from one medical room to another.
  • Weight and design of the device does not require any special infrastructure.


For whom?

The Prodrobot is meant for people with a body weight of no more than 50 kg, height no less than approx. 120 cm and no more than approx. 150 cm (dimensions are determined by the length of patient's limbs).

Prodrobot is meant for:

  • patients suffering from paraplegia.
  • persons with gait impairment resulting from stroke,
  • people with Parkinson's disease, muscle stiffness and impaired motility disorders of gait and posture, 
  • patients having disorders and posture in polyneuropathies of different causes (toxic, metabolic and autoimmune nature such as Guillain-Barre syndrome) and muscle weakness of varying severity including a flaccid paralysis,
  • patients with cerebral palsy, who have movement disorders mainly caused by muscle weakness and spasticity,
  • patients with muscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy caused by progressive weakness and atrophy of muscles,
  • the uses as a standing frame and initiation of movement.