Caretta Buggy CT

Caretta Buggy CT is a specialized paediatric stroller for transporting children and young adults, who are 130 cm to 160 cm tall. The stroller facilitates the daily care routine in case of children requiring transportation, and whose ailments make it impossible for them not only to move independently, but also to maintain a correct sitting position. The stroller has transportation handles allowing to mount this device in a car or any stroller accessible vehicle. The vehicle must be equipped with special fixing points. We have made every effort to ensure that the Caretta Buggy CT specialized paediatric stroller is easy to use and user friendly, and most of all that it provides the best stabilisation of the child in the transportation position.

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Caretta Buggy CT stroller is characterised by the perfect stabilisation of the young passenger's upper body. Chest pelottes, five-point safety harness, vest and pelvic stabilising belts make it possible to properly and comfortably transport the child, at the same time maintain the passive correction of postural defects.

Since we are experts focusing on seating systems and working with young patients in many rehabilitation centres, we know how important it is to stabilise the head of the patient during transportation. That is why Caretta Buggy CT stroller is equipped with a new headrest system, allowing to stabilise the patient's head in a comfortable and safe position during the transport. This system facilitates regulating the height and the width of the head stabilising pelottes.

Due to the special construction of the seat, which is made of flexible belts, we can adjust the stiffness of the seat. Obviously, we still remembered the significance of adjusting the backrest angle and the bucket seat position.

The easy frame folding system allows to fold the stroller in a quick manner. When the stroller is folded, it is so small that it can be easily transported in a trunk of a small car. We all know that every young person has to travel.

For whom?

Caretta Buggy CT medical device is suitable for children and young adults weighing up to 60 kg and who suffer from various forms of triplegia or tetraplegia, as well as paraplegia, both hemiplegia or alternating hemiplegia. THE MAXIMAL WEIGHT OF THE PATIENT TRANSPORTED IN THE CARETTA BUGGY CT STROLLER MOUNTED IN THE CAR IS 43 KG IN CASE OF SIZE 1 AND 57 KG IN CASE OF SIZE 2.

This product will be perfect for patients suffering from the following diseases:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • muscular dystrophies;
  • palsies of different aetiologies;
  • spina bifida;
  • myelomeningocele;
  • conditions following spinal injuries;
  • conditions following craniocerebral trauma;
  • conditions resulting from strokes;
  • posture defects, and scoliosis in particular, in case when other appliances do not apply.


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    Abductive belts
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