RICO RS is a specialised paediatric stroller. The stroller facilitates the everyday care of children requiring transportation, and whose ailments make it impossible for them not only to move independently, but also to maintain a correct sitting position.

This stroller is suitable for children as young as 6 months old.

We have created a product, which guarantees a perfect stabilisation of the upper body, head, as well as the pelvis during a pleasant stroll. RICO RS allows to maintain proper standards for the sitting position when transporting a child. Good posture of a child in sitting position, which has been elaborated during many hours of trainings with a physiotherapy specialist should also be maintained and secured in a stroller. RICO RS stands as an expert in this aspect.

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RICO RS offers probably the widest scope of functionalities, including features that are considered unique, as far as strollers are concerned, such as:

  1. The possibility to set asymmetric depth of the seat (both for the left and the right lower limb),
  2. Lumbar support system.
  3. Head support due to the presence of two exchangeable headrests.

Other significant functionalities:

  1. Folding stroller frame and folding seat,
  2. Seat with adjustable depth and width,
  3. The possibility to change the driving direction (the seat can be turned front / rear facing),
  4. Backrest with adjustable height,
  5. Adjustment of the backrest angle,
  6. TILT - adjustable angle of the seating system,
  7. Independently adjustable pelvic, chest and head pelottes,
  8. Adjustable footrest angle, along with adjustable angle and height of foot platform,
  9. Multi-functional protective canopy.


Special Features

rico rys2

RICO RS offers a wide scope of functionalities, including features that are considered unique, as far as strollers are concerned, such as:

  1. The seating system enabling setting an asymmetric depth for the left and the right lower limb - this system allows to support the whole length of the thigh, even if there is a 10cm difference in the length of both limbs.
  2. Lumbar support system - enables adjusting the backrest of the seat to the lumbar curvature.
  3. Head support with the use of two interchangeable headrests. The stroller is equipped with a head pelotte or a soft, contour headrest.

Why have we designed an asymmetric seat depth?

Because a properly adjusted depth of the seat in the stroller is indispensable to ensure the proper sitting position, especially in case of children with GMFCS levels III, IV and V. These children require a highly specialized equipment to reach the proper sitting position, which should become an integral part of their rehabilitation process.

Why is the proper depth of the seat so important?

The length of the seat ensures proper angle stabilisation within hip and knee joints, as well as impacts the extension of the whole body. The support along the entire femur has a significant influence on the stabilisation within the lower part of the upper body, including the pelvis, and as a consequence leads to improved postural control (of the upper body).

A seat that is too short provides a small supporting surface. In case when the seat is too long, we can experience a problem with the arrangement of the child's feet. As a result of pulling the legs forward (lack of flexion in the knee joint), the child will try to balance the body, and as a consequence he or she will push his or her back against the backrest.

Other crucial functionalities:

  • Folding stroller frame and folding seat – facilitate transporting the stroller in a car,
  • Seat with adjustable depth and width,
  • The possibility to change the driving direction (the seat can be turned front / rear facing),
  • Backrest with adjustable height and a lumbar support system,
  • Adjustable angle of the backrest,
  • TILT (from -45to 45O) – adjustable angle of the seat (available both in the "front facing" position, as well as "rear facing" position,
  • Independently adjustable pelvic and chest pelottes - the possibility to provide asymmetric settings,
  • Adjustable footrest angle (from 0O to 90O), not to mention the adjustable height and angle of the foot platform (from -20O to 20O). This functionality enables maintaining the recommended 90O angle between the hip joint and the knee joint, strapping the feet in one line with the knee joints (knees in the vertical position above feet), and guarantees that feet will be placed with maintaining a proper distance and parallel to thighs.
  • Multi-functional protective canopy – adjustable size of the canopy, along with the chance to strap a breathing material to ensure an improved air circulation.
  • Safety rail,
  • Vest,
  • Abduction straps for hip joints, which facilitate abduction with external rotation,
  • Bag,
  • Sleeping bag,
  • Protective gloves providing warmth on colder weather strolls.


For whom?

RICO RS specialist paediatric stroller is suitable for children weighing up to 30 kg, who suffer from various forms of triplegia or tetraplegia, as well as paraplegia, both hemiplegia or alternating hemiplegia. Due to the possibility of setting different depths of the seat for the left and the right limb respectively, the stroller shall prove a perfect solution for patients with unequal leg length.

This product will be perfect for patients suffering from the following diseases:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • muscular dystrophies;
  • palsies of different aetiologies;
  • spina bifida;
  • myelomeningocele;
  • conditions following spinal injuries;
  • conditions following craniocerebral trauma;
  • conditions resulting from strokes;
  • posture defects, and scoliosis in particular.



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