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Polish NDT-Bobath Centre

    Polish NDT-Bobath Centre

    Bobath therapy is internationally recognised as being an effective therapy for children with all types of cerebral palsy, regardless of their accompanying disabilities or age.
    The Bobath Concept analyses the specific difficulties a child has in participating in ordinary activities; finding practical solutions that can be incorporated into everyday life.
    Therapy at the Bobath Centre starts with analysing what your child can already do and how they do it, and what is getting in the way of them progressing to the next stage or learning how to do new activities.

    Why choose the Bobath Centre?

    Our therapists treat children with cerebral palsy or allied neurological conditions all day, every day

    • We understand how cerebral palsy changes throughout a person’s lifetime, and we involve parents and carers in therapy so that you understand how cerebral palsy can affect your child as they develop.
    • Treatment will combine all three types of therapy (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech & language therapy) as appropriate to your child’s needs.