about us 2

We design, manufacture and market innovative medical products of the highest quality, truly supporting rehabilitation of the disabled. 
We are dedicated to the manufacturing of seating systems and standing frames. 

The company builds its competitive supremacy by means of our skill to proper determination of the needs of the disabled and development of equipment which meets a broad variety of needs due to their multi-functionality, not yet encountered on the market. Because of this innovation and quality the company became a first-choice company in its segment of the market both for many patients and for the medical environment. 




Our hallmark is the internationally recognized "Spine", which each of our seating systems and standing frames is equipped with. "Your Second Spine" adapts to the shape of the person thanks to this innovative solution, it is possible to reproduce the anatomical curves of the patient's spine, support the back on the entire plane or obtain precise correction settings.

Our quality, reliability and passion in creating unique medical devices have been appreciated by customers in many parts of the world. We promise that in the coming years we will create even better medical devices for you.






We are offering innovative medical products which are designed based on years of experience of out construction department, but mainly as a response to the needs and expectations of our customers. We run research and development work and our products are protected by national and international patents.

The past efforts of the LIW Care Technology staff was noticed by external experts. During the past years we obtained the following awards:

  • title of the "Market Leader in Innovation 2012” in the Polish programme organised by the journal Dziennik Gazeta Prawna
  • we won the competition Leader in Modern Technologies 2010 
  • we won the competition Łódź Proposes – Innovative and Creative in the "Innovative Product" category
  • award of a prize by the Łódź voivodeship in 2010 in the "Invention in the product areas" category