HOP TRIKES Rehabilitation Tricycles, developed and manufactured by LIW Care Technology, are intended for physical rehabilitation, driving and transport of disabled people and the elderly. Intended for people whose illnesses prevent independent movement on a regular two-wheeled bicycle. Bikes help to increase muscle strength and support fitness, as well as enjoy physical activity outdoors on any type of paved surface. Thanks to the two wheels at the rear of the bike, using the device does not require the sense of balance and body balancing to maintain the balance necessary for riding.

We have made every effort to ensure that the HOP TRIKES Tricycle Rehabilitation Bikes are as easy to use as possible, provide good stabilization while riding, have the ability to adjust the bicycle structure to the user's position and limitations, and are safe.

Individual fit

We know that not everyone can enjoy riding an ordinary two-wheeled bike, which is why we have created the HOP TRIKES series of three-wheeled bikes. Cycling must be safe, therefore it is necessary to properly adjust all bicycle components to the individual needs of the user. With the HOP TRIKES brand, you can compose a comfortable bicycle that fits your child. Disability cannot stop you from willing to be physically active. Our team will help you choose bicycle accessories that will make the use of the bike easier for almost everyone.

We build a bike to your individual needs

We start with the size of the frame. We offer four sizes with different wheel sizes: 16 ”(inches) / 20” / 24 ”or 26”.

Then we have to choose a steering wheel. Straight, bent or folded with height and angle adjustment. The choice of handlebars is crucial for the rider to feel comfortable on the bike and to feel in control of the vehicle.

Saddle. It must be comfortable. We will find the right model.

Different length of the lower limbs will not be a problem because we have different crank lengths, and additionally we have designed an adapter to shorten the crank.

Some cyclists will be ready to go, but we know some of you need additional foot and torso stabilization. We have platforms for fixing the feet and orthoses that stabilize the lower limb. Several models and sizes, and above all, the ability to produce something special for your child. The torso is stabilized through a wide range of accessories (back and hip support, vest, headrest, pelvis stabilizing panties). We have several sizes and the possibility of making something "extra".

If, at the end, the cyclist has not yet left and needs our help, we have a handle for driving with a brake and a function of changing the direction of travel. Everyone started learning on their bike once, but our handle is really "advanced" and it is worth testing it if there is such a need.