Baffin neoSIT HL

Baffin neoSIT HL is an orthopaedic seat for children. The seat stabilises both the back and the head. It is anticipated to position the patient in a sitting position and moderate positions (TILT from -10° to 30°). It is available in three sizes: S, M and L.

It is based on the stable HL21 frame with adjustable height, wheels (various wheel sizes available), seat, upholstery, pelvic stabilisation belts, armrests, vest, chest pelottes, hip pelottes, knee pelottes along with abduction belts, push handles, footrest with feet belts. The movement of the platform is supported with a gas spring. The whole device is covered with an upholstery, which can be removed for washing.


hl frames2   

Baffin neoSIT HL based on the stable HL21 frame, which is provided in two options:

  • internal frame with 100 mm diameter wheels,
  • external version with 150 mm diameter front wheels and 310 mm diameter rear wheels.

Due to innovative system with a "built-in" spine, side pelottes and pelvic correction, Baffin neoSIT HL is the perfect tool for physiotherapists, as it facilitates positioning the patient in sitting position and in moderate positions. Since this device is easy to use, it can be utilised not only in rehabilitation centres, but also at home, where the therapy continues. The fact that this product supports the spine along the whole length of the back allows to reduce the pressure on individual vertebrae. Baffin neoSIT HL enables to create the proper pattern of posture when sitting. Each patient equipped with this device can participate in educational activities, group therapy and can easily play. This device stimulates the activation of the patient and the development of cognitive functions.

The orthopaedic seat is user friendly and easy to use, both for the patient and the caretaker:

  • correction of posture defects - the device allows to properly set the spine and the pelvis of the child;
  • considerable potential to match the anatomic shape of the user;
  • innovative construction of the backrest, imitating the human spine;
  • light and compact construction enables the patient to seat in a normal or reclined position;
  • user friendly adjustment due to easily accessible knobs;
  • leg stabilisation - knee pelottes with abduction straps;
  • modern design.

For whom?

Baffin neoSIT HL is a device that helps to position the patient and supports the patient when he or she is sitting. It can be used in diseases, causing temporal or permanent loss of this function, or when this function has not yet been developed.

Baffin neoSIT HL can be used in the following diseases: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophies, palsies of different aetiologies, spina bifida, myelomeningocele, conditions following spinal injuries, conditions following craniocerebral trauma, conditions resulting from strokes, posture defects, and scoliosis in particular, in case when other appliances do not apply.


  • improving lung ventilation and preventing pneumonia,
  • improving the mental condition,
  • treating and slowing the progression of scoliosis in children and young adults who have lost the ability to walk,
  • developing the proper pattern of sitting.


  • Click to enlarge image Baffin neoSIT HL red 4zaglowek.jpg
    Adjusts to the shape and position of the head. Ensures excellent stabilisation of the little patient's most important body part.
  • Click to enlarge image headpod3.jpg
    Dynamic head support system
    Dynamic head support system HEADPOD is made for people with neck and upper body hypotonia. The Headpod system enables keeping vertical and proper body position, and allows free and precise head movements at the same time. It also facilitates the development of neck muscles.
  • Click to enlarge image podnozek.jpg
    Divided Footrest
    Unique footrest with three tilt positions. Enables feet stabilisation according to detailed physiotherapist’s instructions.
  • Click to enlarge image siedzisko pasy1.jpg
    Side supports, vest and stabilising straps
    Enable correction of postural defects through proper setting of the user's pelvis and spine.
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    Large surface of the table ensures that eating and play is comfortable.