MayorSIT is orthopaedic seat for juvenile up to 190 cm tall, wchich helps stabilize back and head.

The widest seat adjustment ranges on the market! MayorSIT includes pelvic support, leg abduction system, lumbar and side support, head support, individually and height adjustable foot platforms and adjustable arm support. The seat is covered in Zero Spot System upholstery, which prevents liquids penetrating the fabric. The upholstery comes in bright colours and is both practical and comfortable to use.

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MayorSIT thanks to its innovative systems, is an excellent tool for occupational therapists to help place children in a sitting position. Thanks to its ease of use, the seat can be used in rehabilitation centres and at home or school to continue the rehabilitation process.

MayorSIT is a functional and user and carer-friendly orthopaedic seat. 

  • Pelvic Support System (PelviSystem) - consists of independent and width adjustable hip support (either symmetrically or asymmetrically) at various angles and pelvic support belts
  • Ability to match the anatomical shape of the user
  • Legs support and abduction system (AbductSystem) - a combination of knee support and a systems allowing to adjust the angle of abduction
  • The compact design allows for sitting and semi-reclining positions
  • Easy to change settings keys
  • Lumbar support system and side support (SidesUp) - a large range of height and width adjustment and the degree of lumbar support
  • Leg Support - height adjustable separate foot platforms (3D Feet)
  • Multi-position armrest - a large range of height and angle adjustment and angle of inclination of the armrests
  • Upholstery Zero Spot System - innovative technology for fabric protection against stains. Facilitates the cleaning of the seat, prevents the absorption of spilled liquids
  • Modern design

For whom?

MayorSIT is a chair used for positioning and supporting children in a sitting position. It is recommended for children with a number of conditions where they either lost the function temporarily, permanently or have not learned it yet.

MayorSIT is used in the following medical conditions: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophies, palsies of various origins, spine splits, myelomeningocele (hernial protrusions), conditions after spinal injuries, conditions after craniocerebral injuries, post-stroke conditions, postural defects, and in particular scoliosis of the spine.

Medical indications:

  • improvement of lung ventilation and prevention of pneumonia
  • improvement of mental state
  • treatment and slowing down the progression of scoliosis in children and adolescents who lost the walking function
  • building the correct sitting pattern


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    Multi-position headrest
    Multi-position headrest adjustable in each plane gives the possibility of individual head position. The plasticity of the material allows the headrest to be formed to match the anatomical needs of the user.
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    Dynamic head support system HEADPOD® for people with neck and upper body hypotonia. The Headpod system enables allowing free and precise head movements and facilitating the development of neck muscles.
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    Pelvic Support System (PelviSystem)
    Pelvic Support System (PelviSystem) - consists of independently and width adjustable side supports (either symmetrically or asymmetrically) at various angles, and pelvic support belts.
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    Independently adjustable parted footrests allow to set any corrective position of the right and left foot. They allow to set the desired angle of flexion in the knee joint and set feet in the dorsal and sub-flexion, as well as allow for supination and pronation.