Car seats is a group of products used to stabilize a child while driving a car, the use of which is required by the parents by road traffic law:

  • Children up to 3 years old must absolutely ride in the seat. Toddlers of this age may also be transported in the front seat rearward facing, but only if the front airbag here is deactivated.
  • Children under 150 cm tall must ride in a car seat or a cradle and only in the rear seats. Neither age nor weight matters.

A deviation from the above rules is when the doctor issues a certificate that the child cannot be transported in a seated position.

Features of car seats for disabled children

In the case of children with disabilities, a special role is played by the stabilization of the child, allowing him to maintain linearity and ensuring proper alignment while driving. Particularly noteworthy is the possibility of individual support / adaptation of the chair to the needs of a small patient. Apart from the additional elements often necessary for the correct transport of the child, another criterion for their division is the child's weight and height. There are situations in which the weight of the child is in a given range, but has already grown so much that it is simply not comfortable in the seat.

When choosing a seat, the method of its attachment to the seat is also very important. And here we distinguish two types: fastened with seat belts and fastened with special ISOFIX points, which additionally stabilize the seat. The latter solution is much safer as the seat is essentially attached to the car frame, preventing it from moving in a collision.

Why and for whom are car seats dedicated?

A correctly selected car seat, adapted to the user's anatomical conditions, improves the driving comfort and also allows you to maintain the correct sitting position and improve cognitive functions while driving. By maintaining an appropriate sitting position in the seat, we extend the effects of hard work of therapists and prevent the consolidation of incorrect posture patterns during transport.

Who is specialized car seats for?

Car seats are most often used in the following diseases: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophies, paralysis of various origins, spinal bifurcation, meningeal hernias, conditions after spinal injuries, conditions after craniocerebral injuries, conditions after stroke.