Multifunctional Standing Frame Baffin TRIO 4W is designed to set the individual in standing and sitting positions. It is available in two sizes I and II.

It consists of a seat, a backrest, side supports, a footrest with foot platforms, a headrest, a kneepad, hip belts, a vest, a table and a base, that supports the device. Everything is covered in upholstery, which can be removed for washing. 

Thanks to the innovative system of built-in ’spine’, side supports and pelvis correction, it is an excellent tool for physiotherapists, which ensures easier positioning of the patient in the sitting and standing positions.

The device can be used for putting the patient in an upright position, stabilising them in sitting and lying positions and for transport.

Manufacturer: LIW Care Technology Sp. z o.o. 


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Baffin TRIO 4W is a new version of our versatile multifunctional device. It is characterized by a lighter, stable frame with 4 swivel wheels.

Baffin TRIO 4W is a friendly and functional device both for the patient and the carer. The device features:

  • An extensive range of height regulation – the same device can be used for a 135 cm tall child and a 170 cm tall adult
  • Has great potential for passive posture correction in sitting, standing, and lying positions
  • Allows to set the patient in transitional positions in order to achieve the greatest possible comfort
  • Upright position from all positions – sitting, lying and transitional positions
  • Transporting function – one of the few devices which can be used for transporting the patient in a standing position
  • Great ability to fit to user's anatomical shape
  • Possibility to take standing position, as well as sitting and lying positions while user's stabilisation is kept
  • System of removable under-arm straps, hip side supporters and armrests enable to transfer the patient onto the device effortlessly
  • System of comfortable and adjustable armrests
  • Intuitive and user friendly remote control


For whom?

Baffin TRIO 4W can be used in the following conditions: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophies, paralyses of various etiology, spina bifida, myelomeningocele, condition after a spinal injury, condition after a craniocerebral trauma, condition after strokes, postural defects, particularly scoliosis, when different treatment cannot be used.


  • Improving the cardiovascular system efficiency
  • Preventing and treating venous insufficiency
  • Improving lung ventilation and preventing pneumonia
  • Preventing pulmonary embolism
  • Preventing and treating osteoporosis
  • Preventing and treating urinary stasis
  • Helping in neurogenic bladder re-education
  • Improving mental state
  • Preventing muscular atrophies
  • Preventing and treating muscle stiffness, improving the mobility of joints
  • Treating and slowing down the progress of scoliosis in case of children and young people who lost a walking function
  • Creating a correct sitting pattern

Contraindications for using Baffin TRIO 4W are the same as those against putting in a standing position, including:

  • Atypical undesired reaction for standing position
  • Joint inflammation of different origins
  • Condition after long bone fractures with incomplete healing process 
  • Conditions after dislocations and other joint injuries
  • Increased body temperature

Thanks to its structure, Baffin TRIO 4W standing frame makes it possible to put upright the patient with fixed contractures of a hip and a knee joint. However, such cases must be analysed individually.