How to buy the proper stroller?

Buying a stroller (pram)… Theoretically, it's not a problem: it should have wheels (preferably four) and a seat. It might seem that there will be no big problem when choosing. However, if it is to be a wheelchair for a disabled person, it is worth paying attention not only to the appearance, color or wheels.

Often, during the first visit to parents, we see children sitting in prams that are not adapted to their needs. They spend a significant part of the day there. Caregivers are not aware of the importance of taking care of the proper position of the child from an early age.

The stroller is always purchased as the first fully rehabilitation device for every little patient. All the more this decision should be made consciously and according to rational indications. The wheelchair will have to be used for rehabilitation and to the doctor. The most true statement, however, is that you will simply need it for walks. In the first years of life, the stroller very often replaces the seat. Parents feed the baby in it, use it as a place where the toddler can safely spend time. It is a device used not only to move with the child, therefore the choice is no longer so obvious. There are many things to consider and ponder. Then it is worth using the knowledge of those who can expertly advise us in this matter.

Mum usually spends the most time with her baby. Therefore, when choosing a stroller, to a large extent remember about its needs. Another person for whom functionality and proper adjustment of the stroller will be important is a physiotherapist. He knows what effect he wants to achieve and, therefore, what a good stroller should have. Professional advice from a competent representative of the manufacturer is also extremely important. This is the person who knows the product best. She can provide a comprehensive answer to the parent and the physical therapist.

There will be a large number of trolleys to choose from, so it is important to have a professional approach to the subject. The umbrella trolley is used for quick transport. You can easily pull it out of the trunk and take the child to, for example, school. This sounds good, but only if the patient is not flaccid or spastic. Then you should look for a trolley that will meet its requirements and needs. Look for equipment that will stabilize the patient. It is a very important issue - learning how to sit properly and getting used to the correct position affect the child's functioning later in life. The hard work of parents and physiotherapists during the daily rehabilitation and care is often canceled by the lack of proper protection of the patient.



What to do to make the right decision when buying a stroller? You should definitely talk to a physical therapist who will tell you what type of equipment will be best for your child. Parents should consider whether they want good stabilization and that the stroller "grows with the child". The question of price is not insignificant. It is important to arrange a meeting with a reliable and professional sales representative of the manufacturer, who can advise and indicate several types of trucks with the features that we care about the most. Before buying, you should always make an appointment. You must not buy equipment so important for a child's development by looking at a nice picture in the catalog and not comparing it to other strollers on the market.


A well-chosen stroller has a huge impact on the progress of the child's rehabilitation


So let's remember about 5 things that determine your purchase:

  1. Possibility to adjust the stroller to the needs of the child. the stroller must meet the needs of the child in terms of rehabilitation.
  2. Possibility to try on a stroller for a child.
  3. Price.
  4. Service, availability of spare parts, professional warranty and post-warranty service.
  5. The convenience of the parent / guardian.

Examples of trolleys:

  • Baffin Buggy - the only stroller in the world with a built-in "LIW spine" in the backrest.
    Price: fully equipped PLN 6,000.
    Producer: www.liwcare.pl
  • Modi Buggy - has a huge number of adjustments that allow you to adjust the stroller to the needs of the child.
    Price: fully equipped PLN 6,000.
    Producer: www.liwcare.pl
  • Caretta Buggy - a stroller that allows for full stabilization of the child and optimal seat position, created for children with a height of 130-160 cm (depending on their anatomy)
    Price: 6,000-7,500 PLN depending on the equipment.
    Producer: www.liwcare.pl

We invite you for professional assistance in the selection of rehabilitation equipment with a free demonstration at home or in a center, directly from the Polish manufacturer - LIW Care Technology.